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If you are a parent or caregiver who has infants or children in child care, ask if the facility is TOP Star (Teaching Obesity Prevention in Early Childcare and Education Settings) endorsed!

With a TOP Star facility you'll know that your child care provider has created opportunities for your children to learn about healthy eating habits, to actively play together both indoors and out, and to engage in less screen time. TOP Star providers also support you and your baby’s breastfeeding wishes. All of these practices help establish healthy lifestyles for children while they are young, lowering their risk of having chronic health problems throughout their lifetime.

Everyone can play a role in creating healthy environments, and child care providers play an especially vital role in your child’s life! The environment they create has a significant impact on teaching your children what practices are acceptable and also fun, thus forming long lasting habits. 

All of these practices help to not only lower your children’s lifelong risk, but also yours, of developing chronic health problems, diseases, cancers in order to support your goals so you and your family can lead happier and more productive lives.

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