Gardening & Community Gardens


Gardening promotes good health by providing physical activity, reducing stress, teaching adults and children about the origins of healthy food, and provides fresh, affordable, healthy food!  There are lots of wonderful free resources available to families, communities and schools.

Basic Gardening Resources
Community Garden Resources

If you live where you don't have space for a garden a community garden might be a good fit. One such garden is the Wasatch Community Gardens, which includes many community gardens throughout Salt Lake County.

The American Community Gardening Association is a great resource to learn more about what it takes to start a successful community garden.

The Public Health Law Center has developed several garden resources for communities, addressing legal and policy issues.

Backyard GardenShare

The Backyard Garden Share program finds a home for surplus produce from your home garden. Donated produce is distributed through sites such as food banks, pantries, schools, or churches. Learn more here.