TOP Star

If you are a childcare provider, you make a difference in children’s lives. You have the opportunity to affect their lives by creating healthy behaviors that will last a lifetime.

Teaching Obesity Prevention in Early Childcare and Education Settings, TOP Star for short, is a Utah Department of Health and Human Services program created to improve the health of children who are cared for in early childcare and education settings. Our program supports childcare providers by improving their nutrition, physical activity and breastfeeding environments and policies to help promote health and prevent obesity in children. Local health department consultants provide individual guidance, support, resources and tools that will meet your needs.

TOP Star provides free online continuing education training (approved uses: Career Ladder Credit, Licensing, CCQS points, staff CDA), policy development assistance, $50-$100 gift card for new or renewing facilities, quarterly newsletters, menus, lesson plans, posters, tools and many other resources.

There is a TOP Star specialist at your local health department who would love to show you how you can become endorsed, and guide you through the process.